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What is a Frappe?

Definitions vary:

"A drink served with ice or frozen to a slushy consistency" Oxford English Dictionary
(Our view - bit vague - is a gin and tonic served with ice or a whisky on the rocks therefore a frappe?)
"A frozen, fruit-flavored mixture that is similar to sherbet and served as a dessert or appetizer"
(Our view - rubbish, doesn't have to be fruit - is served as a drink not as a course during a meal and you can't spell (flavoured is the correct spelling) - this one is clearly American and there is a cultural difference as well)
"Frappe coffee, also Greek frappe or Cafe frappe is a Greek foam-covered iced coffee drink made from instant coffee (generally, spray-dried)" Wikipedia
(Our view - the Greeks may lay claim to developing the concept of a frappe, but this description bears only marginal resemblance to the drink we serve today as frappe)

Our definition:

A Frappe is a drink that is designed to be served cold, mixed with water, milk or cream, prepared with ice and blended. A Cafe Frappe is essentially an iced coffee drink, but Frappes don't have to be coffee based.

How do you make a Frappe?

If you follow the original Greek invention you would apparently mix instant coffee powder, sugar and a little bit of water, mix it together in a cocktail shaker or hand blender, add water, milk, or even evaporated milk, before pouring it over ice cubes or crushed ice in a long glass with a straw.

In the 21st century, however, UK cafes and coffee shops have introduced more layers of sophistication whilst maintaining the simplicity of this drink, with a little help from some friends. ZUMA produces Frappe mixes in a variety of flavours and types that may be used to produce a complete drink in their own right, or as a base to be added to. Bean Bags Coffee supplies ZUMA Caffe Frappe, ZUMA Vanilla Frappe and ZUMA Mocha Frappe.

ZUMA Caffe Frappe: a medium roast Brazilian coffee with a full, creamy flavour

ZUMA Vanilla Frappe: a caffeine-free drink containing real white chocolate and vanilla

ZUMA Mocha Frappe: a blend of medium roast Brazilian coffee, cocoa and real chocolate

You will need:

ZUMA Frappe - of your choice
12oz glass
Ice cubes


1. Fill the glass with ice cubes
2. Add milk to the top of the glass
3. Pour contents into the jug of the blender
4. Add one scoop of ZUMA Frappe powder
5. Put on the lid and blend until smooth

Optional extras:

Personalise your Frappe menu - try adding a shot of your own espresso, (this has the additional benefit of maintaining coffee sales throughout warmer weather) - or try adding a shot of a flavoured syrup to create a whole new drink. Bean Bags Coffee supplies 1883 Syrups in 21 exciting flavours including fruity Strawberry, Raspberry and Triple Sec Orange, luxurious favourites such as Roasted Hazelnut, Chocolate and Caramel or more exotic varieties including Coconut, Mango and Cinnamon.

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