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Machine Maintenance

Bean Bags Coffee has its own full time service manager who has years of experience working on traditional espresso and other coffee machines. Through our Bean Fixed Engineering Service we are able to offer the following services:

Technical Advice over the Telephone

Often simple problems can be resolved over the telephone, thus avoiding the expense of calling out an engineer and minimising your machine downtime. A call to Bean Fixed should be the first action you take if you have a problem.

Machine Installation

Make sure your machine is correctly installed and set up by letting our experts do it for you – even better, talk to Bean Bags Coffee about the new machines it can offer when you need to replace yours.

click here to download our useful site survey guide which will ensure you have everything ready for your new machine.

Cleaning Advice

Machines that are not correctly cleaned at regular, recommended intervals will not produce the best tasting coffee and may even result in warranties being invalidated. Bean Bags Coffee can supply laminated cleaning instruction cards that can be kept by the machine to ensure every member of staff is aware of the cleaning regime that must be followed. Daily, weekly and six-monthly routines are recommended. Click here to download your own, or ask us for laminated ones.

Hygiene Check from £55 + vat

Leaks from the group head or steam wand are common problems which adversely affect the quality of the coffee served. Over a period of time, the rubber seals on the group will start to wear, resulting in grooves forming. When this happens, it doesn’t matter how firmly you try to pull the group handle tight in the group head, you will not get a perfect seal and drips are inevitable. Instead of filtering nicely into the customer’s cup, liquid will spill over the group handle and drip down the side of the cup, compromising the quality of the drink served. 

A Hygiene Check includes replacement of the group showers and seals, backflush and clean with Puly Caff, thorough clean with a brush and a grinder check.

Grinder Check

The blades on a coffee grinder do wear – how quickly depends on usage. A grinder with worn blades will ‘burn’ the coffee, thus affecting the taste of the drink you are serving. This is a problem that is easy to fix with a regular grinder blade check. We also recommend grinder blade checks to ensure your machine is delivering the optimum grind to produce the best results from your beans. We offer grinder checks free of charge (excluding any parts that may be necessary) and can arrange to carry these out when we are delivering to your site or when we are passing.

Pressure Test Certificate from £110 + vat

We will test the safety valve and replace if necessary and issue a Pressure Test certificate to confirm the test has been satisfactorily completed.

Front-end Service from £180 + vat

This proactive maintenance approach includes the replacement of group showers and seals, backflush and clean with Puly Caff, thorough clean with brush, grinder check, thorough clean of group heads, strip steam valve and replacement of pad seals, replacement of steam seals and replacement of scorch sleeves. The work is carried out on the machine in-situ. 

Full Service from £380 + vat

Your machine is removed and taken back to our workshop for this service and we leave you with a loan machine so your coffee service is not disrupted. The service includes everything offered in the front-end service, plus a complete strip-down of the machine, removal of the boiler and all pipework which are soaked in an acid bath to remove all scale, thorough inspection of all parts, re-assembly of the machine, three-day bench test and re-installation. 

Annual Maintenance Contract

We offer three levels of annual maintenance contract.

Premium £475 + vat

The top-of-the-range Premium Contract includes unlimited call-outs, two front-end services, pressure test certificate and a complimentary cleaning package. 

Cleaning package comprises a 900g tub of Puly Caff, stainless steel blanking disc, premium group head cleaning brush and a laminated cleaning instruction sheet.

Intermediate £395 + vat

The Intermediate Contract includes four call-outs, a front-end service, pressure test certificate and a complimentary 900g tub of Puly Caff.

Standard £230 + vat

The Standard Contract includes a front-end service, pressure test certificate and ten complimentary sachets of Puly Caff (one sachet for 2-3 group heads).


Standard call-out charge for equipment not covered by a contract is £85.00 plus vat including the first 30 minutes on site, with an additional charge of £18.00 per 30 minutes or part thereof.

Water Filter Install & Re-charge from £84 + vat

We can’t over-estimate how important it is to fit a water filter and ensure it is regularly re-charged to prevent costly build-up of scale. The area we supply suffers from very hard water, which causes limescale to build up within the water pipes and components in contact with water within the machine. Eventually, this will cause the machine to break down. Problems caused by scale when a water filter has either not been fitted or not re-charged when due will invalidate any machine warranty or maintenance contract and will be a chargeable call-out, which can be very expensive. The lifespan of a water filter will vary depending on the volume of water being drawn through the machine.

See our online shop for full pricing details for our water filters.

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